var umWhat = { Node.js, npm, live-server };

Alright, so for the past few days I've been trying to nail down this whole JSON, AJAX, API thing and I'm much more comfortable with the overarching concept now. I spent yesterday afternoon trying to build a Random Quote Generator using an API I found via Google while receiving a much-appreciated YouTube assist in writing … Continue reading var umWhat = { Node.js, npm, live-server };


JSON, AJAX, and API…oh shit.

Yeah, so FCC really let me down when I moved on to the section that was *supposed* to teach me about JSON, AJAX, and APIs. Spoiler: it didn't teach anything except how to copy and paste code and then at the end basically said, "Okay, now use what you've learned to build a random quote generating … Continue reading JSON, AJAX, and API…oh shit.

while ( outlook > 0 ) { javascript.practice(); }

I'm riding a wave. A *competency* wave. Meaning I'm finally developing some basic competency in Javascript. I've been on CodeWars for the past few hours working my way around some of their algorithmic challenges and while I certainly skip right past some that make me want to cry, I've completed a number of challenges absolutely UNAIDED … Continue reading while ( outlook > 0 ) { javascript.practice(); }