return me + job;

Hey nerds,

Sorry for the little hiatus. I’ve kinda had my hands full lately. My mother has been driving me crazy, there was a freaky flea infestation at the house, I had to take my car to the mechanic, I’ve had three interviews and advanced to next rounds in 4 others, and on top of all that I found time to play around with Bootstrap 4 and develop some sample mock-ups in my CodePen.

I’m exhausted all over again just by looking at all that. My anxiety has been kicking into hyper drive but I think it’s because something’s about to change and I can feel it. At this present time I’m in the running for 6 jobs. I just wrapped up a second interview with one of those companies this morning and I think it went well. I’ve never had a more in-depth interview. They asked me about everything. And I mean everything. How I was in high school, who I hung out with, what I studied, my grades, my transition to college, why I chose the college I chose, what I studied, why I studied it, what was most difficult, my summers in-between college years, my first job after college, why I left, my next job, how long I was there, why I left, why I’m applying for the current job, what my goals are…it went on and on and on. Fifty minutes–50. That shit cray, amirite?

Anyways, I feel like it went well. And my interviewer asked me to send over my CodePen link because I could potentially assist in some web development/design for this job. Fingers crossed. I also had an assignment for another job that I submitted on Monday (an SEO article with given keywords), which I also felt really good about since writing has and will always be my happy place.

Things seem to be moving forward and for this, I am thankful. I’m still working on my FCC projects, although I’ve been spending a lot of time applying concepts I’ve learned from a YouTube channel called The Net Ninja (Seriously, check this guy out. He’s awesome. Plus, he has a sexy accent). I have to complete the FCC project next, which I’ll work on today and then I need to finish the intermediate algorithm problems, which I’d like to complete by the end of next week ideally.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on. But I feel ready and motivated, albeit an anxious motivation. But hey, that’s what the weed is for. Thank you, Mary Jane!

Later, nerds.




EDIT: Just got off the phone with another company, a start-up actually, which updates the number of potential jobs from 6 to 7. Something’s gonna happen. I feel it.


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