Alright, nerds. I’ve been a little M.I.A. but for good reason. 1. I got really really drunk on Sunday and spent Monday in a hangover haze (this is why I usually stick to weed). 2. I’ve been on a job-hunting rampage. 3. I’ve powered through my FCC weather app (it works!). And 4. I think I’m going to Miami this weekend. So, like I said, there’s been a lot going on. But in the midst of it all, I think I may have inadvertently found a client!

Let me back up.

Yesterday, while I was getting my geek on, my mother asked me if I could look over one of her friends’ website and give her some tips on how to improve her organic search rankings (basically, SEO advice). I looked over her friend’s site–which was appalling, by the way–and explained what her friend needed to do, including researching her keywords and revising all the content on her pages. I also commented that the website looked like trash and I could design a more professional looking one, if the friend wanted. Her site concept was simple enough and could be accomplished with mostly static HTML/CSS, with a dash of jQuery. Well, I designed the site from the ground up using CSS Flexbox last night. It’s not the most exciting design or content in the world (it’s a dog poop scooping business haha) but it was my design and I built it from nothing.

I’m quite proud and it definitely serves as a sort of benchmark for all the concepts I’ve learned so far. So I will be showing my mock-up today and my mother–acting liaison–will let me know if her friend wants to use it. She definitely should, in my completely objective opinion, because the old one, I’m not kidding, looked worse than dog poop. Nothing was aligned properly, there were MULTIPLE misspellings, it looked like something an child might throw together. So even if she doesn’t use my design, she should use something else. Literally ANYTHING else.

Well, here’s hoping.

Later, nerds.




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