JSON, AJAX, and API…oh shit.

Yeah, so FCC really let me down when I moved on to the section that was *supposed* to teach me about JSON, AJAX, and APIs. Spoiler: it didn’t teach anything except how to copy and paste code and then at the end basically said, “Okay, now use what you’ve learned to build a random quote generating app.”

Umm….WHAT? Needless to say yesterday and today have been comprised of A. Trying to figure out what I was *supposed* to learn and B. Learning it. I found some excellent resources on YouTube that filled in the major and medium blanks regarding JSON and AJAX. Which I now understand to be ways of storing, sending, and retrieving data that does not live within your local HTML file, but that enables your webpage to push or pull new data in real time without refreshing your page. Example: the infinite scrolling on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. You don’t ever refresh the page to see new content it just appears as you scroll.

Anyways, now that I understand that concept, I’m on my way towards learning how to integrate APIs–or publicly accessible libraries/databases of various types of information–into a webpage that is supposed to generate random quotes. JSON is the data I need, AJAX is the method of accessing the data, and an API is where the data is located. (Yeah, I didn’t even get 0.01% of that from FCC.) So, I’m in the process of scouring the web for a quote API and then information on how to pull that information into my webpage in a format of my choosing. Yeah. I know…. *sigh*

Over the past couple days I have learned about Handlebars.js (an awesome way of templating out dynamic data instead of hardcoding content directly into your webpage), Flexbox CSS layout and styling, object-oriented programming, and now JSON, AJAX, and APIs. I’m still not super confident in my JS algorithm scripting and essentially “logic”ing my way through what I want to do, but that is a skill that can be developed over time and with practice so I’m not being too hard on myself on that front.

Also, I’ve still been listening to those binaural beats, which I learned have subliminal messages embedded in the tones. But I think I screwed it up a little. When I first started listening to them, I was listening to the same beat over and over again for like 36 hours (it sounds sort of like zen meditation music, so it’s quite pleasant), but last night I was looking up some different beats and adding them to a playlist. I fell asleep listening to the playlist, instead of just one beat, and I feel it may have negated the effect. I mean, if these things are supposed to work by brain wave alteration via subliminal messaging, doesn’t it make sense that you should focus on one message at a time? I don’t know. I’m probably overanalyzing it, all I know is that when I listened to one beat on repeat I woke up feeling great, when I listened to the playlist of many different beats I woke up feeling…nothing in particular. I shall test this hypothesis tonight.

Well, Cavs are on, I’ve learned a lot today, and it’s 4/20. Fuck Trump and goodnight. 😉

Later, nerds. Keep geeking.




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