while ( outlook > 0 ) { javascript.practice(); }

I’m riding a wave. A *competency* wave. Meaning I’m finally developing some basic competency in Javascript. I’ve been on CodeWars for the past few hours working my way around some of their algorithmic challenges and while I certainly skip right past some that make me want to cry, I’ve completed a number of challenges absolutely UNAIDED (except, of course, for general Javascript resources).

It feels good to feel like you know what you’re doing. Although, I am fully aware that I haven’t even started to begin to know what I’m doing. But it’s all about the baby steps, right? And I’m all about baby steps right now.

Side note: Last night during one of my insomnia episodes, I somehow ended up falling down an internet wormhole and landing on something called “binaural sounds.” They’re these zen-esque tones that are supposed to stimulate certain types of brain functions depending on their frequencies. There are tones for migraines, back pain, nerve pain, anxiety, and even depression!

As a depressionling, myself, I must admit I was intrigued. Spoiler: I’ve been listening to binaural sounds non-stop since 2:54AM last night. I’m trying to figure out whether the effect is organic or psychosomatic–I’ll have to test it during a low day to know for sure. But I do feel quite good right now (with about 9 hours of contiguous binaural sounds today).

What with my finally writing some basic (functional) code and hijacking my brain waves to keep me in a positive mood, I’m confident enough to place label today as a win.

Later, nerds.




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