var sanity = function (information) { return knowledge; }

Whew! Alright, finished all my Basic Algorithm Scripting and it only took me, what, five days? Four days? How many days? I lost track. That last challenge was a doozy. I needed to code a rot13 or “Caesar’s” cipher. If you’re wearing a WTF face, I feel you. I didn’t know what the fuck that was either. But I do now. Basically it’s this thing:


Yeah, I had to code that. And I couldn’t. Not without the assistance of handy-dandy YouTube and many, many fellow cybernerds with in-depth tutorials. But I eventually got it:

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.48.53 PM

So, we’re done with algorithms for now and FCC has me moving onto APIs. I’ve gotta be honest, I’m still not completely comfortable with algorithm scripting. I’m probably gonna take a few days and practice some more before moving on. Coding is literally something you cannot bullshit your way through. Because it’s math and logic–both of which have zero wiggle room.

But I feel like my capacity to learn these abstract concepts and logic mapping are getting better. I used to only understand like 5% of the words coming out of a programmer’s mouth, but now I’m sitting pretty at like a solid 11%. Impressive, I know.

AND the Cavs won! Say what you want, nerds, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a low bar of expectations. Here’s to making them lower still.




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