As I stated in my first post–this whole blog’s main purpose is to “hack my breakup.” Which is true. But, as such, I will inevitably be sharing less-tech-y and more bullshit-y posts at times. Today is one of those times–but it will end with code. Pinky promise.

SO. The last thing I needed to do to be completely free of my ex was to unsubscribe from his Google calendar that he shared with me while we were together so we could plan things around his schedule. While we were together it definitely afforded me some peace of mind because 1. I knew what he was doing when he was doing it. and 2. I could add “relationship things” as I wanted. Well, I’m sure everyone who has experienced a breakup can attest that after the breakup the absolute last thing you want to be confronted with day-in and day-out are your ex’s every movement and time commitments.

Mind you, I did not pour over his calendar (much). Only a couple times on particularly low days. But since deciding to hack my breakup, I have steered clear of peaking into his world. Well, today I pulled the plug. And unsubscribed from his calendar. I’ll admit it was a bit emotional and I’ve been in a considerable fog all day because of it. But it’s done. I have officially divested and recused myself of any and all connection with him.

Since, I’m not going to be using names on this blog, I’ve decided instead to declare unmentionables as variables (var) and when I need to mention them later, I will use the variable.

var notRelevant = "my ex";

Now, let’s get to the shit we care about, shall we? I’ve moved on from basic Javascript to learning “Object Orienting and Functional Programming.” Which is essentially taking something that’s already super complicated and running it through a LetsComplicateTheFuckOuttaThis machine.  I just completed a lesson on “Closures” which took me 2 YouTube videos and 3 help forum threads to digest.

But the gist of what I understand is that basically a “closure” deals with functions exhibiting private properties that cannot be accessed by any code outside of the scope of the function. In real life terms, I suppose this could compare to my feelings towards notRelevant. You see, I can access my feelings because they are within the scope of the function of me. However, nobody else can access those feelings because they are outside of the me function. (I hope half of that shit is right).

I see on my lesson map that I’m going to be pulling my hair out with Arrays again presently. #WhatTheFuck.

Later, nerds.




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