I guess you could say that the course of my life has deviated from “the plan.” Silly me to have a plan, right? Oh well.

Long story short: girl moves to California, girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy applies to grad school, girl moves to NYC with boy, boy no longer “has time” for girl, girl leaves.

And here I am. On a journey of self-discovery. Or whatever. Instead of doing my usual breakup dance and grieve routine, I decided to do something productive with my now exorbitant amount of free time:

Learn to code.

But not the piddly, cutesy, basic HTML editing that 8-year-olds learned from editing their MySpace pages (not such a relevant analogy anymore, but bear with me), I’m talking full-on coding way beyond the basics. I’m talking Mark Zuckerberg coding Facebook type shit…okay, well, that might be a bit extreme but yeah, that’s the level I’m talking about. Balls deep. But with code. Code deep.

I found a free online program that actually offers you a Full Stack Web Developer Certification at its conclusion if you can manage to get that far. Oh and did I mention it’s over 2,100 hours of hands-on coding? Yeah, it’s over 2,100 hours of hands-on coding. That’s a lot of hours. It’s like 2,100 hours.

So, I decided to start a blog about my journey towards that certification. I started the program about 3-4 days ago, and after re-learning the fundamentals, now shit’s about to get real.

Basically, I’m hacking my breakup.

Stay tuned, nerds.




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